Mushroom Home by Jazella

Mushroom Home by Jazella

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Artist: Jazella

Kit Includes: Tool Kit (pen, tray, wax, tweezers, pen gripper, multi placers), Canvas, Diamonds, and Inventory Sheet

All diamonds come in zip lock baggies

Canvas has a lace cut edge to make it easier to wrap around a canvas board (option instead of framing), prevents canvas from fraying.

We do not count the edges in our sizes so they are true to size and will fit in a standard frame:

Paintable Area / Frame Size / Canvas Board Size:

                         CM = IN            

20x20 = 8"x8"                    50x60 = 20"x24"

20x30 = 8"x12"                  40x80 = 16"x32"

30x30 = 12"x12"                60x60 = 24"x24"

30x40 = 12"x16"                60x80 = 24"x32"    

40x40 = 16"x16"                50x100 = 20"x40"

40x50 = 16"x20"                60x120 = 24"x48"

50x50 = 20"x20"                80x120 = 32"x48"